4th December – 27th 2021- E Gallery. 1 library street victoria gozo.

4th December – 27th 2021- E Gallery. 1 library street victoria gozo.

What does the Artist want to tell us?

The challenge for any artist in world of multi media is to strive to tell us a story on canvas , retaining the goals of uniqueness. The artists intentions are to strive to provoke thoughts, emotions and individual reference. 

Here the artist tells a story of rebirth, empowerment and starting over. Its about second chances after series of life threatening events. 

She is interested in the other side of fear, facing death and rising. She raises the level of the work through lightness, elegance and originality. These works of art are images in the mind. Capturing a moment in time. Images that can be completed be the recipient. The paintings represent the very essence of being alive, transcending time and space.

Breathe Volume 1 in  MPM Arts Hub Valletta & Breathe Volume 2 in Art E Gallery, Victoria, Gozo are dedicated to her son James, aged 9, her fellow warrior. Everything she does she does it for him.


I would like to thank Maria and Charles Cassar for all the hard work involved and the opportunity for this solo show on Gozo. The Island is a place I call home and I have been visiting since I was 7 years old. Thank you Clint Camilleri Minster for Gozo for opening the show.

Thank you to my sponsors Gozo Ministry, Cultural Hertiage Directorate and CVC for filming the show and for all of you who came, gratitude and thanks.

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