Austin Camilleri – Artist

Austin Camilleri – Artist

So much water under the bridge since our London days dear Anna! I clearly remember meeting you outside Green Park tube station and walking to your show on New Bond Street! You brought the warmth of your Gozo, my Gozo, and multiplied that tiny space with light.

One still finds traces of that practice in this collection: the Anna in perennial search for beauty. But now, the composition is more audacious, the consciousness more crystalline, the hand steadier. A tiny hint of cadmium yellow and cobalt, phthalo, anguish, prussian, indanthrone, hope, cerulean, ultramarine, euphoria, aquamarine, manganese, uncertainty, oriental, Delft blue. You are playing with fire, even if your works are as liquid as ever. You are walking on a thin thread where it’s so easy to ruin a work, where paint can effortlessly betray the intention. With the strength of someone who has risked much more a precious thing, you let the paint do the talking, masterfully knowing where to stop. We are glad Anna, thankful for bringing us together.


  • May 31, 2022

    William Scott

    Greetings ,
    I am William Scott from Atlanta , Enjoyed your site and your wonderful Artworks. am very much interested in the purchase your Art piece for our Anniversary to surprise my wife ,A friend of mine sent me your website and what an inspiration your Arts are beautiful and inspirational, would like to receive further information about your original works you have for sale and your location: ) . regards , William .

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